Arriving to it`s 20th edition, this should be the best AES Brasil Expo of all time. With attendees from more than 70 countries, no other convention gathers the greatest news in the professional audiovisual industry like AES Brasil Expo.

Workshops, tutorials, academic works and exhibitions give the visitors a myriad of opportunities of learning, networking and business. This year convention will be bigger and better than ever, since the greatest names of audiovisual engineering converge to present the latest innovations through sessions, courses, technical presentations, exhibitions and equipment demos.

Take part in AES Brasil in São Paulo. As a visitor of the 20th Convention, you will have the opportunity to see the latest audiovisual technologies. São Paulo and AES offers a mood that stimulates fraternization and networking.

When people think in “Go to AES”, usually it means our exhibition. But, know that our technical program brings a great variety of classes and sessions taught by the greatest names in the audiovisual professional community. Once you check on the list of options we provide, you will be surprise by the different subjects you can learn.

AES makes great effort to help spread audio education to the greatest number of people, and this technical sessions are a very effective way in terms of costs to bring your audio project to the next level. With the expansions of the event to include other technologies such as lighting, video, signage and digital infrastructure, the educational programing also have sessions in these subjects.

We hope that you stay during the whole convention, that`s why we also organize, through our travel agency, a group of hotels with good discounts. Also Airline Companies offer great prices to our visitors.

The audio market evolved in the last 30 years, starting to demand for extra competence and dedication. The companies sees capacitated as the more dedicated, with managing and leadership skills. These companies demand for the capacitation when considering a promotion. Capacitated professionals also are seen in a different way by the society as all the leading professionals of other knowledge areas.

For those considering a career in the audio industry, will is not enough. The professional must show deep domain of the technology. The AES educational program is the ideal opportunity for those looking to learn the most profound audio technology.